by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The 18ers Classic Tournament was held on August 6 and 13 with a field of 56 members.  The game was a two-person team stroke play with one net best ball of the team.
The best overall two-day low net score of 127 was shot by Jean Carroll and Linda Spiegelman.
First flight: first place Denise Pratt/Agnes Shin net 128, second place Joan Baggett/Margo Dutton net 132, third place Olivia Hsueh/Jayoung Lee net 133.
Second flight:  first place Aisoon Hong/Nancy Park net 128, second place Sherry Endicott/Linda Ingalls net 131, third place Joanne Kim/Soonee Kim net 132.
Third flight:  first place Pat Deisem/MaryAnn Higgins net 131, second place Ann Hamilton/Lana Yagle net 133, third place Stella Chan/Karin Romak net 138
Fourth flight: first place Bari Mantel/Robin Moreau net 128, second place Anna Kim/Chun Kim net 139 and Judy Fletcher/Donna Wagner net 142.
First week birdies were shot by:   Agnes Shin #16, Grace Nitta #2, Judy Fletcher #15 and Claudia Terry #18
First week chip-ins were made by:  Nancy Park #17, Marlene Seffern #17, Maryhelen Greaves #11 and Stella Chan #18
Second week birdies were shot by:  Claudia Terry #1, Linda Ingalls #2, Jayoung Lee #10, Margo Dutton and Judy Moran #13, Theresa Kim #15, Nancy Park, Lynda Pritchett and Daisy Soo Hoo #16 and Ann Hamilton #17
Second week chip-ins were by by: Soonee Kim #6, Aisoon Hong #6, Nancy Park #16 and Judy Fletcher #18
Special thanks to Denise Pratt, Tournament Chair and Jacque Vigil for organizing the two-week event.
Reminder sign up for the September 3, 8, 10 Club Championship in the 18er Club area in the back of the Pro Shop.