by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Pictured left to right: Teddi Swanson, membership chair, Joyce McCann,
rules Chair and new members, Jean Wright, Donna Friend, Marsha
Jennings and Il Sook Cho.
On June 27th, Joyce McCann, 18er Rules Chair, took six 18er members,
most were new to the club, for a 1-hour on-course introduction to the
Rules of Golf. The emphasis was on Rules situations commonly
encountered in almost every round of golf. Participants brought 1 club and
1 golf ball, and were able to practice the correct way to take relief if a ball
ends up on a cart path, a penalty area, and some other pesky situations.
The ladies who attended enjoyed this hands-on learning experience.
Although the Guide to the Rules of Golf has been revised and simplified, it
still has 300 pages of rules which continue to mystify even the most
experienced players. As a result of the success of this first class, the 18ers
will make another 1-hour on-course Rules class available for up to 6, 18er
members, on the last Monday of July at 10am. A blast will be sent to the
18ers with information on how to sign up.