by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

A field of 54 Rossmoor 18er members played the first Charm and Eclectic event on March 25, 2021.   The player that scores the low net for the field is named the lucky charm girl for the round.  She is eligible to compete with the other charm girls at the end of the season. Members that signed up for Eclectic game try to improve their score for each of the 18 holes for six rounds and the results are calculated at the end of the season.  There are a total of six charm and eclectic events for the season.

Here are the overall results:

First flight:  First place Olivia Hsueh net 66, second place Agnes Shin net 69 and third place Theresa Kim net 72.  

Second flight:  First place Toni Snyder net 68, second place Margaret Hamilton net 69 and third place Juna Lee net 75.  

Third flight:  First place Cindy Barni net 74 (won tie-breaker), second place Anna Kim net 74 and third place Teddi Swanson net 75.  

Fourth flight:  First place Stella Chan net 70, second place Jean Carroll net 71, and third place Judy Fletcher net 75.


Birdies: Agnes Shin on hole #2, 

Claudia Terry on Hole #8 

Joyce McCann on hole #10

Chip-ins: Lynda Pritchett on hole #8