by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Nine Rossmoor 18ers traveled to Orinda Country Club on Thursday, August 11, to participate in the WGANC legacy Open Day. Open Days are special opportunities to play at  private country clubs throughout Northern California, paying only for food and sweeps. The green fees are waived by the clubs. All  Rossmoor Women 18ers may take advantage of this great member benefit.

Many of the participants had never played Orinda and found the course extremely challenging and a whole lot of fun. Maryhelen Greaves, who played Orinda for her first time, shared these comments. She stated that the course was tough, and beautiful, with many deep pot bunkers and wide barrancas to hit over.  It was also confusing, as  everyone got lost several times trying to find the next tee box. The breakfast and lunch were delicious and the Orinda Country Club staff were beyond delightful and helpful. Anyone who has been to Orinda can relate to Maryhelen’s comment, that she felt sorry for the poor bag boys who had to carry all of their bags up and down the stairs to get bags from players’ cars to their golf carts, and back again. The Club house, a 1927 retro structure is quite stunning and she describes the scenery at Orinda as “stellar.” All in all, it was a very fun day for the players;  Jean Carroll, Stella Chan, Laura Kim, Dee Dunne, Maryhelen Greaves, Linda Davis, Sherry Endicott, Myra Belfiore, and Judith Coleman-Cohen.

Stella Chan, Open Day Chair at Rossmoor encourages everyone to take advantage of this unique and very special opportunity. Diablo, Palo Alto Hills and Oakhurst are just a few of the many Open Days yet to be played in 2022. Registration is online through the NCGA portal and Stella is happy to answer any questions.