By Teddi Swanson, Club Correspondent

Members of the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club celebrated, at their annual Holiday party, the end of another great year of golf fun and competition.

Del Poirer and Olivia Hsueh presided over the festivities by thanking their committee, Diane Matoney, Marcia Belcher, Lee Parr, Nancy Ringelstein and Inez Scrivner for helping to make the Holiday Luncheon a success. Further to that she thanked Creekside for an excellent job of providing a delicious luncheon. Del asked the past captains to stand for recognition and we had Olivia Hsueh, Pat Deisem, Diane Matoney, Mary Hufford, Pat Taylor, Marilyn Treppa, Donna Rhodes, Jackie Bateman, Del Poirer and Peggy Yamada joining us.

Del Introduced Mark Heptig, Director of golf, who thanked Chris Andres, Apprentice PGA Golf Professional, for helping with the 18ers Thursday tournaments. Mark further commented on the fact we survived the drought and have planted 5,000 pounds of grass seed as well as 35 new trees around the golf course. Mark also stated he enjoyed working with the ladies Board and mentioned items in the golf shop will be on sale for the entire month of December. Margo Dutton, presented gifts to the entire golf staff and especially thanked Chris who was our go to person on Thursdays by being very easy to work with.

Del and Olivia gave prizes of $25 each for credit in the golf shop to 6 lucky ladies whose names were chosen in the drawing: Mary Hufford, Pil Choo, Joyce McCann, Janet Welch, Frances Blanchard and Claudia Terry.

Award presentation began with Kay Doyle, Tournament Chairwoman, who awarded the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC) Northern Net Awards. 68 ladies participated but to be eligible one had to play three rounds of the six. Only 26 ladies qualified. Three of thier lowest scores were added. The players were then divided into flights to receive the pin. The flighting was done on November 16. The pin winners were: 1st flight, Agnes Shin, 2nd flight – Peg Hamada, 3rd flight – Karin Romak and 4th flight – Mitzi Weinberg.

Kay Doyle also awarded the 2016 Charm Winner. There were six winners on the Thursday competitions, Anna Kim, Karin Romack, Mitzi Weinberg, Kathleen Young, Peg Yamada and Pat Deisem. After the low net playoff was finalized Peg Yamada became the 2016 Charm winner.

Pat Taylor, Handicap Chairwoman, announced the most improved player award went to Susanne Wong. The following ladies were in the top ten most improved from 2nd to 10th: Susan Mann, Maryann Cucchiaro, Sheri Lenz, Claudia Terry, Anna Kim, Linda Ingalls, Karin Romak, Agnes Shin and Jane Lee. The Eclectic award winner will be posted in a separate announcement.

Margo Dutton, outgoing Captain, thanked her outgoing board and honored Club Champion Agnes Shin and Handicap Champion Janice Davis. Margo noted that 18ers sponsored the making of new boxes for broken tees which are placed at each tee box. The members in the audience applauded Margo for her efforts. Margo further asked the new 18er club members to stand up to be welcomed. Finally Margo introduced next year’s officers, Captain – Teddi Swanson; Co-Captain – Joan Munn; Treasurer – Olivia Hsueh; and Secretary – Carolyn Riding (unable to attend). Margo concluded her presentation by handing over the gavel to the incoming Captain.

Teddi Swanson, 2017 Captain, presented Margo Dutton with a gift in thankful gratitude for her great job as Captain for 2016. Teddi went on to introduce her board and committee chairs for the 2017 golf season.

This is the last organized club event for the 2016 year. For the remainder of the year and January and February of 2017 the players need to call the Pro Shop to make their tee time reservations until tournament play resumes in March.

The next event will be the launch the season party on February 9, 2017. The chairwoman for that event is Bari Mantel.

For up-to-date information 18ers are reminded to check the website at