by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

This has been a big month for Sunhi Kim. Not only did she get her first
hole-in-one, but, last week she battled MaryJean Kidd in the Handicap
Tournament and prevailed, earning her the title of 2022 Handicap
Champion. With this win, she will receive a cash prize as well as her name
engraved on the perpetual trophy. It all came down to the final hole. Sunhi
and MaryJean went toe to toe and reached the 18th hole all even.
Unfortunately for MaryJean, her approach shot found the greenside
bunker, costing a stroke and ultimately loss of the tournament. Lynda
Pritchett and Laura Kim’s match for third and fourth place went to Lynda.
Congratulations to all four players for their excellent play. Other
accomplishments were birdies for Lynda Pritchett, hole 4, Sunhi Kim, hole
9, Andrea Alpine hole14 and Teddi Swanson hole 15.