by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Rossmoor 18ers finish the 2021 tournament season with the popular Turkey Shoot Tournament. It was a season of unknowns and members showed up every week to make this a very successful and enjoyable year. Thank you to Tournament Chair Denise Pratt and Club Pro Jacque Vigil for taking charge of these tournaments over the past two years without blinking an eye at the challenges the club faced.

Format for the Turkey Shoot: Best Ball Net (orange ball).

Each team received an orange ball at registration. Before starting the round, teams chose the order in which the players rotated the orange ball. Teams played in that order for the first 16 holes. The last 2 holes teams could choose who played the Orange Ball. If a team lost the orange ball, they were out of the tournament but could keep playing for fun.

Ties: Ties were broken using USGA method of matching scorecards.

Results are as follows:

First Flight:  1st Place Gross (95) Agnes Shin, Theresa Kim, Olivia Hsueh and Joanne Kim

1st Place Net (68) Janet Choi, Aisoon Hong, Nancy Park and Anna Kim

2nd Place Net (73) Judith Cohen, Cindy Barni, Lana Yagle and Mae Marcotte.

Second Flight: 1st Place Gross (99) Juna Lee, Peggy Yamada, Garnet Shelly and Karla Witte

1st Place Net (74) Denise Pratt, Gail Ramirez, Del Poirier and Ann Hamilton

2nd Place Net (75) Karin Romak, Kazu Takesaka, Joanne Brennan and Soonee Kim

Chip-ins: Peggy Yamada #14, Margo Dutton #7, Joan Binnings #7, Mae Marcotte #18

Birdies: Joanne Kim #16, Claudia Terry #16, Mae Marcotte #18, Grace Nitta #2