I want to fill you in on the changes coming soon for the golf program and the implications of those changes. First, I want to thank all of you for letting us get back on our feet and staying within the county health protocols. As far as I know we are still virus free and we have now been golfing since May 5. Congratulations to staff and customers for keeping each other safe. We have had great support from the custodians cleaning carts between 10:00-2:00 weekdays and I have trained some of the lifeguards to patrol the golf course boundaries in the evenings.
Here are some things to look forward to in the near future…
June 9, we will begin re-spiking shoes and regripping clubs. Please sanitize your shoes and clubs with wipes before bringing them to the golf shop. The staff will then sanitize the item before and after the service and will wear gloves and mask during the service.
June 10 and June 11, we will begin men’s (Wednesdays) and women’s (Thursdays) days. There will be a slight twist. Tee times only, no shotgun starts. The men’s club (if they have an event), women’s 18 and women’s 9ers will have tee times between 8:00-10:00. Other players may play when times are available, and the opposite sex can get on the courses around 11:00 each of those days. Any questions, please call the golf shop.
June 16, players will have the option of playing golf in foursome. Therefore, first tee times for foursomes will be taken the week before…Tuesday, June 9. There is one big caveat for this. The maximum number of rental carts allowed per group will be two (even though single riding is still the norm). So, you need to pick your partners carefully! We do allow two bags on a cart with only one player riding. Hope that helps.
We are currently still waiting for permission to have guest play. We are aware that the golf course conditions are incredible and that Rossmoor residents want to share the beauty of the courses. We could also really use the additional income! But we will wait and hope that guests will be allowed to play soon.