by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

18ers play with which witch is which?

On October 27, 53 Women 18ers joined the spooky tournament, fully understanding that there may be more tricks than treats.
Not only were foursomes created randomly, players didn’t know which holes would count toward their final game score. The format promoted camaraderie among those who don’t usually play together.

During the luncheon, following play, Jacque Vigil announced that the back nine scores would be used, with resulting moans of dread and giggles of happiness, depending on how each person played.

The luncheon, hosted by the Halloween Bash committee, Toni Snyder, Agnes Shin and Stella Chan, was a yummy buffet of fried chicken, pot stickers, green salad, potato salad, rolls and It’s-It for dessert. Decorations were eerie dark lights, pumpkin lanterns, scattered tees, spiders, and ball markers. This was not an event for the faint of heart.

Traditionally there is a crazy hat contest at the bash and this year players really got creative. Even if a player was feeling down because of a poor performance on the course, the silly hats brought out the laughter and teasing, helping her forget the round. It falls to the Pro Shop to determine the winner of the hat contest, and it was so difficult this year that Jacque Vigil and Jerry Krause had to make a second pass. After careful examination, the award went to Andrea Alpine for her skeletal bat-bonnet with Denise Pratt, a close second.

Winners of the golf tournament are as follows:
Gross, first flight, first place, Joan Binnings; second place, Jayoung Lee; third place, Claudia Terry.
Second flight, first place, Esta Podberesky; second place, Ann Hamilton; tied for third place, Linda Ingalls and Marsha Jennings.
Third flight, first place, Denise Pratt; second place, Del Poirer; third place, Joan Weinstein.
Fourth flight, first place, Allison Caplan; second place, Joanne Brennan; third place, Susan Pollack.

Net winners; First flight, first place, Andrea Alpine; second place, Joan Munn; tied for third place, Jun Chao and Daisy Soo Hoo.
Second flight, first place, Laura Kim; tied for second place, Jane Lee and Anna Kim;
Third flight, Teddi Swanson; tied for second place, Aisoon Hong and Soonee Kim.
Fourth flight, first place, Garnet Shelley; second place, Betty Cuniberti; third place, Myra Belfiore.

Birdies were made by Theresa Kim, hole 2; Teddi Swanson hole 14.
Chip-ins were made by Lee Shaffer, hole 3; Mae Marcotte, hole 4; Lana Yagle, hole, 12; Teddi Swanson, hole 14.

The Halloween Bash does double duty, serving as the last General meeting of the year. On the agenda is election of the incoming board. Those voted in for the 2023 executive committee include, Captain, Margo Dutton, who will serve for the second time in this capacity as she was also Captain in 2016. Toni Snyder will be the Co-Captain. Toni was the membership chair in 2021. Judy Moran was elected to Secretary. This will be her first year serving on the board although she has held numerous positions at her former club. MaryJean Kidd will serve out her second year as Treasurer. The 18ers are grateful to these women who will be giving their time to the club, carrying out the duties of the 2023 Board of Directors. Membership renewals were distributed during the meeting along with survey forms to help with future budget and planning. These forms are still available in the 18er area of the ProShop for those who didn’t make the meeting. Every member is asked to participate in the survey and give the board their ideas. Membership renewals and dues are due by November 30.

The last play day of the year is Thursday, November 17, and the final event, the Holiday party, will be on Thursday, December 8.