Run date April 8, 2015
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

It was pin and charm day for the Rossmoor 18er’s Golf Club on March 26th. The overall winner was Nancy Seol Park.

First flight winners were: 1st – Aileen Choi, 2nd – Pat Diesem, 3rd – Grace Nitta and 4th – Theresa Kim.

Second flight winners were: 1st – Joan Munn, 2nd – Janice Davis, 3rd – Janice Choi and 4th – Sil Jung.

Third flight winners were: 1st – Sue Fleck, 2nd – Joan Baggett, 3rd – Teddi Swanson and 4th – Mary Hufford.

Fourth flight winners were: 1st – Donna Rhodes, 2nd – Betty Bowles, 3rd – Deanna Leong and 4th – Madeline Deiro.

Aileen Choi had a chip-in on hole 15 and Jean Carroll on hole 16.

The following players had birdies: Grace Nitta on hole 1, Donna Rhodes on hole 2, Joan Munn on hole 13 and Nancy Groswird and Ai Soon Hong on hole 16.