Submitted by: Teddi Swanson Date to Run: May 20th
Suggested Headline: Women’s 18-hole Golf Club Played a Combined Best Net Ball Best Putt Match

On Thursday, May 7th, 52 ladies braved the cold and partial rain to compete for the combined best net ball and best putt per hole. First place went to Joan Baggett, Margo Dutton, Melinda Hall and Sheri Lenz with a score of 80. Second place went to Juna Lee, Nancy Park, Diane Matoney and Inez Scrivner with a score of 80. The tie was broken on the back nine. Third place went to Grace Nitta, Shin Kim, Pil Choo and Nikki Balukjian with a score of 82. The consolation went to Lore Cuttle, Marlene Seffren, Garnet Shelly and Rena Snyder. Seven
foursomes played all 18 holes and seven foursomes left the course secondary to rain. Consolation flight was a total of six holes scores that all seven foursomes played and completed. Holes used were 1, 2, 10, 11, 17 and 18. Congratulations to these seven foursomes who completed all 18 holes as they endured about 4 holes of pouring down rain.

Players who had birdies were Carolyn Riding on Hole 10, Nancy Ringelstein on Hole 16, Nancy Park on Hole 15 and Gail Ramirez on Hole 10. Chip-ins were made by Sonee Kim on Hole 4, Jean Carroll on Hole 11 and Lore Cuttle on Hole 14.